The storm cloud moves in so fast that the sun is still bright to the west. When the rain starts, I head out to the deck and stand under the eave. The drops are huge, flashing light against the heavy leaves of the black walnuts. The big cloud is dramatic. Then the rainbow, faint at first, takes over the sky. I get the feeling there’s a story in all this, but once again I can’t quite figure it out.

26 thoughts

  1. I wrote this poem after being inspired by this amazing photo of rain.

    Her eye is cold and grey
    Her tears like raindrops fall
    Her shadows the darkest night
    Her anger the storm that cries

    See the fury of the sky
    See the clouds collide on high
    See the sun fade to black
    See the turmoil she creates

    The clouds so pregnant dark and still
    The load it carries must now fall
    The thunder rumbles its deafening roar
    The lightning pierces the silent pause

    People scatter under shelter
    Pavements now are soaking wet
    Pathways turn to muddy puddles
    Petals fall upon the sand

    Children cry and hide away
    Crashing sounds of thunder linger
    Crescent streaks of blinding light
    Creating havoc across the sky

    Rain like tears fall to earth
    Rushing over, round and through
    Reaching rivers flowing free
    Resting finally in the sea

    Rain the planet’s quenching thirst
    Rain that causes flood’s distress
    Rain that never ceases to amaze
    Rain the life blood of the Earth.

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  3. YES yes yes there is a story in your first photo of rain. I would love to write a poem about your photo using some of the words you described this rain storm. If you will allow me to and post it on my blog acknowledging you as my inspiration.

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