la petite forêt

I had missed the dogs all day, so we ran across the field together as fast as we could. “Hector!” I called as he chased a squirrel into the trees, the two of them hiding in the light. I ran after him happily, losing myself in pursuit. Sometimes the light at the horizon is so white everything disappears in it.

9 thoughts

  1. Abstract and minimalism are my favorite kinds of photos. Again, how did you do this? Were you painting with light, using multiple exposers, layering with photoshop? I’m sure the adventurous among us would enjoy a blog tutorial from you. Your work is always inspiring and artful.

    • Thanks again for commenting! This set was all done with camera movement, experimentation with camera settings, and fairly basic post-production work with exposure, contrast, etc. No multiple exposures here, though there are a few blended images toward the end of the “Treescape” set.

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