We’re careful to confine the twining vines to the corner of the side deck. “Better go cut back that honeysuckle,” John will say one day in the fall when he’s looking for a little something to do. Come spring, the cascade of blossoms spilling over the railing is a wonder, sweet and generous in spite of us.

22 thoughts

    • Thank you very much for nominating me. I love your photographs and I’m very pleased that you see something in mine. I must decline the nomination, though, as I’m not very comfortable answering so many questions or nominating others for awards. Thanks again. George

      • Thank you for believing in me 😉 i can understand, that ‘s no problem, still you are on that list because i believe in the things you do. great work greetings lobke

  1. My absolute favorite thing about Late Spring is all the blossoms that sing.

    Especially the honeysuckle, which I grew up picking and enjoying all over the Appalachians, and I am still doing it to this day! Wonderful pics, and I really enjoyed the last one, which looked to me like some Japanese hand-drawn art on paper of honeysuckle.


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