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  1. Thank you for your likes on mmgardens. Its great to know that someone is actually reading. I noticed the translucency of your White Skies/Trees and Landscapes. They are beautiful. Is the the layering a result of multiple exposures or digital manipulation in photoshop? I shoot digital but I prefer the labor of film and plan on shooting film this summer with a medium format pinhole. Returning to some crude basics this summer. I know of and have seen prints by an Italian photographer that may interest you. Dreamlike layers. Let me know if you are interested in exchanging thoughts. Perhaps you would consider letting me use your photographs as examples in my writing etc. (properly credited of course) Best, Miranda

    • Miranda– Thanks for visiting and commenting. I find your writing on your blog–what I’ve read so far–clear, precise, and moving. It has the sound of trying to figure out the truth. As far as my images go, I haven’t used multiple exposures (yet). The content of the images comes from the camera’s photo sensor–I experiment with the basic manual settings and with movement of the camera–on and off a tripod–and movement of objects, when possible (if only I could make trees run!). I manipulate aspects of light, color, contrast, etc. afterwards. I’d love to know about the Italian photographer you mention. Okay to use my photos (properly credited) on your blog, but please send me a request for each image before you use it, so I can keep track of what’s where….George

      • George,
        Photographer: Giorgio Cutini (actually a surgeon who has had success in Italy with his photography) I saw a series exhibited at a national gallery in Rome. Some of the images, particularly those in Rome, merge the human with the landscape and buildings, all in black and white as far as I know. There are a couple catalogs out there but hard to get. I have two with some English translation.


        I will let you know when I reference each of your photographs.


  2. How wonderful to see you sharing your passion for the image. And you are working the digital darkroom in an intriguing way. Keep looking – you really are seeing.

  3. I really like this one…the blur abstracts it to the point where the color at bottom really pops – really nice!

  4. I like the painterly qualities of this work and other sets such as notionaL landscapes and landscapes. You bring an air of mystery to a subject with equipment which normally gives us the stark truth. Nice work.

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