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  1. It’s kinda difficult to say things about a series of images, that’ll be a lot of things to say. Hence, I’ll take as if it’s a tour.

    The image of the tower is such an icon to start with, and along the rest of the images my assumption drifted. Some of the early images show that’s it is such an affluent place, but then there are some of the images that showed that it is not so.

    I have to say that there’s nothing “generally” new about the landscape, since like the rest of the world, we’ve seen the faces of some of the places in USA on television (and with it, we’ve built our own assumptions, and most of them might not true), but I suppose there are some distinct images where I can see some intimacy shared by the image maker and the place, the kind of images that other people would say “dull”. They show some corners that we can’t see on TV, and that for me is refreshing.

    Thanks for the ride.

    • Many thanks for your thoughtful response. The intimacy you speak of is surely the heart of a meaningful image, and it is, in large part, both why I take photos and what I am working so hard to bring to them. Thanks again. George

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