Wild Rainbow

“You have to come see this,” John said. He stood at the open sliding door to the deck, looking up. “All the colors bright as can be.”

The sky was wild, blue and orange, with a beautiful eerie light that felt significant. The rainbow shot through it all as if it belonged there, even lighting up the trees that tried to hide it.

I thought as I looked that if I lived in some other time, all of this might mean something.

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15 thoughts

    • Many thanks for your kind comment. As for techniques . . . the very brief answer is that I take LOTS of shots while varying the basic camera settings (on my Sony A7), always keeping in mind that I’ll be blending images and layers of images later. When I find an image that looks like a good base–it has some interesting movement or shapes or patterns–I begin layering images and pieces of images on top (or underneath), taking as full advantage as I can of Photoshop’s blending tools and options. I appreciate your interest!

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