There’s an apple on the table, and papers, and as I’m trying to work I notice that the box of Kleenex is beautiful. The proportions, height to width. The crispness of the edges, the swirl of colors, the strength of the thin, airy tissue reaching up. I notice how the light gathers and fades, soft on the paper, slick on the box, falling, gently, on the apple, the papers, the wood of the tabletop where my work still sits.

(Prints of some images are available here. Use code WORDPRESS10 for 10% off your order.)

17 thoughts

  1. I like how you were able to take an “ordinary” object and put it on a pedestal so people can see it’s beauty. There’s not enough appreciation for the regular and ordinary! Great work!

  2. They brought back memories of the first time I looked at a colored negative! I’d only seen B/W negatives before, and the colored ones were startling. Colored negs are still a bit of a mystery 🙂

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