Just in Time

It’s not easy to tell how cloudy it is fifteen minutes before sunrise. “Let’s give it a shot,” I say to Gina, and we’re off in her Element to catch the sun coming up over the pastures at Graham’s, where she keeps Maddie. I watch the sky the whole drive. Even before the top edge of the sun breaks the horizon, I can see the sky is mostly blue with some stripes of clouds and dramatic crisscrossing contrails. We park in front of the barn, and I jump out and look across the fenced pastures, at the mist, the drama of the sun moving up. “It’s good,” I say to Gina. “Just in time.”

14 thoughts

  1. I’ve enjoyed you images since I came across you blog several months ago. You do excellent work. I’m curious about the technique you used for the trees, which look like they have brushstrokes yet the third image from the right has these brush strokes in different directions. At first I thought you achieved the effect by panning the camera, but not if they’re in different directions. Is that a double exposure, or is that effects something you’re doing in Photoshop? Either way, it communicates a lovely mood.

    • Thanks, once again, for the thoughtful comment. The third image from the right is a blend of two images– I moved the camera horizontally in one and vertically in the other.

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