From my place down here, the big trees meet the sky in curved and zigzagged lines that mark their reach. A breeze, and the treetops trace themselves in the sky’s light, the light pouring through between leaves and branches. Some days, when the wind is feisty and the clouds are puffed up, the place where trees meet sky is wild with color and light, the elements jamming big time. Such pure abandon! I look up like a tourist.

25 thoughts

  1. Very cool series…These are what we really see when looking. The space between frozen objects. I dont see these as abstracts..but a simple reality overlooked my most..Congrats!! Chris

  2. Like so often happens, someone new likes your post and you click on their link to check out their site. This image popped up and I just said, “Whoa!” Beautiful and the commentary perfect. I do this often, become a tourist. So often I sometimes forget to take the photo! Thank you for the visit and for allowing me to wake up to such a beautiful image.

    • I do lots of experimenting with all the basic camera settings, combined with various ways of moving the camera. I didn’t use a tripod for these shots. Glad you like them! Thanks for commenting.

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